Shawswood is a unique environmental education centre situated 23 kms from Howick



Shawswood offers school and youth groups an ideal outdoor hands-on experience in relating to the natural environment and its conservation, as well as teambuilding and leadership courses. The Education Centre is situated against the backdrop of Mount Gilboa’s mistbelt forest and the students are housed in bunkbed dorms that were, in years gone by, stables for the polo-playing Shaw family’s horses.

Shawswood has enlisted the help and expertise of Challenge Tours (who are linked to Greystone Camp and Adventure Centre in Estcourt) to take over the running of their school camps. Challenge Tours are well versed in compiling a programme based on your group’s specific requirements, whilst making use of the surrounding area including wide open spaces, neighbouring plantations, nearby indigenous forest and awesome waterfall.

Shawswood also provides an overnight camping stop-over for Challenge Tours’ school groups that are based at Camp Solomon in Otto’s Bluff. Part of the 8 day journey is to undertake a challenging hike across farmlands from Camp Solomon to Shawswood, with only the aid of basic maps and compasses and carrying all necessary camping equipment and supplies!

above images per kind courtesy of Ranger Kid Africa

above image per kind courtesy of Camp Solomon

 Shawswood understands the importance of Environmental education in South Africa and supports the IUCN’s environmental education definition

‘Environmental Education is defined as: The process of recognising values and clarifying concepts in order to develop skills and attitudes necessary to understand and appreciate the inter-relatedness among man, his culture and his bio-physical surroundings. Environmental education also entails practice in self-formulation of a code of behaviour about issues concerning environmental quality.’

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