Shawswood is a unique environmental education centre situated 23 kms from Howick


The main attraction on Shawswood is its waterfall, "Grey Mare's Tail", standing 101m high. Original paths have been reopened through the natural bush to reach the top of this waterfall. Here the bush makes way for open grassland, from which one can see for miles. This open area is perfect for picnics and the stream that feeds the waterfall is a natural source of untouched, clear drinking water.

The bottom of the falls is as spectacular as the top, with its rapids and pools of water in dappled shade and natural monkey ropes hanging from various bush trees, including yellowwoods.

Standing watch over Shawswood is Mount Gilboa. The 300 Ha of natural forest, open grassland and the Mount Gilboa peak fall into the category of "nature reserve" status, so are rich in biodiversity, with great educational value and awesome views. Indigenous fauna and flora abound, attracting a wide variety of birds, butterflies and bugs. Look out for the clivias growing wild in the forest and the elusive Karkloof Blue butterfly. If you are lucky, you may even catch sight of a buck or Samango monkey.


Karkloof Conservation Centre, home to the wattled crane
Karkloof Canopy Tours
Several mountain-biking trails, some incorporating parts of the Karkloof Classic route

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